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Homezu– Airbnb Clone Script

Homezu is a renters Airbnb Clone Script, which is available on mobile platforms, IOS and Android. It’s a turnkey script that provides the same platform as Airbnb does for booking rentals, around the world. Homezu is fast, secure and convenient and much better than using a standalone application. Entrepreneurs can profit from a website that works exactly like Airbnb. Homezu really is an entrepreneur's dream come true, because of the turnkey possibilities, every aspect of getting online is worry free.

In fact, Homezu is a clone website. Jeato allows you to make money by providing travelers with the identical service that Airbnb offers. So, it’s definitely a ‘win-win’ situation, because in the end, everyone gets what they want. And even sales newbies know that happy clients translate into more profit. Anyone looking for fantastic bargains on temporary housing, gets to browse worldwide listings and entrepreneurs looking to make easy money, get a clone of the Airbnb platform, for far less money.

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Because, you would need serious HTML and other website building skills to recreate the Airbnb booking platform, and even then it would take a long time. And if you hire some to web scrape the Airbnb website, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. With the Airbnb clone script, there are no hassles, everything is ready to use with instructions in an easy to understand manner.

Homezu is the practical solution for an Airbnb Clone Script. Jeato brings you a complete marketing solution with four different package available: Lite, Premium, Premium Plus and Ultimate. With each package, you will receive all the benefits of Airbnb Clone, including a mobile friendly design, categories to showcase the best properties, with hourly booking and smart search features.

Important Features
Customized Design
Impress the audience with spellbind website outlook for any portable devices and increase the sales and conversions.
Version Updates
Updated versions of the script are being released at regular intervals to keep up with the growing technology.
Property Wishlist
Users can bookmark the host preference of the listing by adding the property in the wishlist and they can share the listings with the friends via Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Ranking and Traffic
Using the interactive Google Analytics tools one can find the ranking position and traffic of the website.
Experienced professional have developed the user friendly script and the desired modifications can be made on the website.
Currency Convertor
The advanced currency switcher module is loaded in the script that automatically switches currency based on visitor’s IP.
Ready for Restore
Without affecting the current process the online backup runs in the background and you can restore the backup anytime.
High Performance
The performance and speed of the website is powerful and it avails more retention and visitor engagement.
User Registration
The new guest must pay the amount in the User registration fee tab to complete the registration process.
Admin Service Fee
The admin can earn commission by listing the property on the website and it can be added in the Traveler service fee.
Guest Service Fee
At the end of the reservation the guest has to pay a service fee called the guest service fee.
Cloud Server
You can setup the script in cloud servers like Amazon and Google cloud server, which allows speedy and secured website performance.
Image Management
The watermark feature will mark all the images that are uploaded in the website.
Easy Access
The new users can directly sign in using the Google+ or Facebook account to save time. It is also an easy and secure way to login an account.
Property Listing
The script allows the user to add unlimited property listings on the website and they can manage, edit and add the listing efficiently.
Multi-language Support
The multi-language feature allows user to change the language of the website according to their requirement.
Why Homezu?
Multiethnic People with Startup Business Talking in a Cafe

Homezu delivers the identical benefits of Airbnb. Travelers can book private residences, for holiday or vacation rentals globally and receive the same services that Airbnb provides. Visitors to your Airbnb clone website can find out the exact location of the rental properties by type, read detailed descriptions of the space, and available amenities, pricing and terms, all with exclusive photos of the rooms.

By investing in Homezu, you will create a stream of passive income with all the resources of the original travel booking platform included in the clone script package. Passive, because once you get it up and running there’s very little else that’s required to start booking properties. You get unlimited property listings with all four packages, as soon as the website goes live, you can start providing booking resources to global travelers.

Why Homezu? Because entrepreneurs are provided with an integrated turnkey script. Nothing is left to chance. The Airbnb clone software comes complete with payment gateways for PayPal and multiple forms of currency, social media sign-ins, modules for coupons, wish lists features, alerts for both property hosts and guests, commission fees, SEO friendly URL site structure, booking status management, and Google Analytics, are all included in an easy- to-use responsive design.

You can run your Airbnb Clone for as long as you like, packages include 30 days to a year. The Ultimate package includes built-in native IOS and Android apps for property hosts and guests.

Pricing for Every Budget

The Airbnb Clone vacation rental scripts begin at $649. The script lets you as the website owner link hosts to those interested in renting their private properties. There’s a property for every budget. The features allows visitors to your website to pick the property which best suits their needs and budget.

Just as there is a property for every budget, there’s also a package for everyone. As an entrepreneur owner of your very own travel site, you can have a live, profitable website online and visible for search engines to find in a very short time. Jeato offers full technical support for questions and related information about running your vacation rental script.

Having a Airbnb Clone makes perfect sense for anyone who’s looking for a hands-off profitable online business. Hands-off because everything that’s needed to start making money from hosts looking for renters is included in the package. Vacation rental software really is an innovative solution for booking travel

Pricing Table

We Love to Work with Passion

Basic Monthly plan


  • 100GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • $100 Google AdWords
  • 100 Domain Hosting
  • SSL Shopping Cart
  • 24/7 Live Support
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Standared Monthly plan


  • 100GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • $100 Google AdWords
  • 100 Domain Hosting
  • SSL Shopping Cart
  • 24/7 Live Support
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Premium Monthly plan


  • 100GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • $100 Google AdWords
  • 100 Domain Hosting
  • SSL Shopping Cart
  • 24/7 Live Support
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Admin Panel

Try Demo Admin Panel
General Questions

The technical unit does an installation on your recommended Linux server or hosting at free of cost and it does not support in your local machine or host.

The regular time taken for the complete installation on the client’s server is around 12 to 24 hours; it depends on which company is hosting it.

If you make any kind of changes is made to the script from the user end after your purchase our free support gets depleted. We do not guarantee or support any bugs created from an external resource.

After purchasing, the sales team will verify your details and will send a link to your email with downloadable files. The customer has to download it within 24 hours of time as the activation will be expired. For Lite, premium and ultimate, customers we do a free installation into their server, provided if they provide the login credentials. The premium and ultimate customers have the access to the project management tool on our website where the QA and technical team will support the customers. In this way, we help our customers after the sale of the product as they are a part of our team.

The first free package by default has the PayPal. If a proper interface is available any method of payment can be integrated into the system.

The code is built under a Code Igniter Framework and has a platform with Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP).

A refund is not provided after a successful download of the source files. We are handling ethereal digital products, so a refund is not possible. Before, you make a payment, please check the demo version and then make the payment. If you’re facing any issues during the purchase or after the purchase, you can contact our support team.

Yes, we can help you in developing a customized product, you just need to contact us at If you have any kind of innovative and creative ideas, please do send in the details, we will provide you the best script.

The demo which is available is the updated version of the script you want to purchase. A limited part of the demo is only available to avoid sacking of the script. You will receive the complete script once you purchase it.

Yes, you can use this script as long as you want and you do not need to pay any extra payments. Your script has a lifetime validity.

Other Questions

Yes, we can help you in installing the script on your server. You need to provide the login credentials for your server after your purchase of the script. The technical team will take care of installing the complete script onto your server.

Unfortunately we do not provide any refund, even if you do not like the script. We request our customers to go through the demo, read all the terms and conditions before purchasing the script. You can find the return policy on our website.

Sorry, we do not provide any kind of technical documentation. If you need any information from us, please contact us at

It is normal to find bugs after a few months of usage, if it is from our end. We will work on it, clear the bugs and launch the updated version as soon as possible.

It depends on the purchase you have made bythe license. The Regular Single Domain license format is open and not encrypted. But, the Single Domain license is encrypted. Open source files and multi domain files are not encrypted, hence it can be updated by the users.

Yes, we do provide an option for the users to make changes to the HTML and CSS files. It has been purchased along with the license and they are open source files.

The templates which are available with Homezu are standard templates. If you have any specifications for a template, a customized template will be designed for you by the professionals. Please do contact us on , we will help you to customize your website.

You can change the domain name according to your needs. You need to email us the details of your purchase and license. According to that we will activate your request and you will receive a confirmation email. Once you receive it you can change, if you do it before the confirmation, your service may be terminated.

Yes, we do have the option of installing our script in a cloud server like Amazon, Digital Ocean, rack space etc. To do so, we need a Linux base server.

The requirements for the client server are Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. It also works on Linux based servers. If it is Windows, a few modules need to be embedded into the server.

Ride the Wave of Airbnb Popularity

Without a doubt, the popularity of Airbnb has unexpectedly taken the world by storm. Having a clone script is an excellent vehicle for anyone interested in creating a stream of extra income. Because there are people searching online for places all around the globe. Then there are property owners sitting on empty homes, with not enough time to look for exclusive renters.

By having your own travel website, as a clone script, you can take advantage of the popularity for profit. You can bridge the gap by offering the hosts (property owners) a place to list their homes for rent and you can provide travelers with great spaces to rent. Private home rental is the wave of the future, why not add to your income by servicing a real need. A need that is fulfilled by providing a place for hosts to advertise their homes for rent and for travelers to line up their accommodations with their flight itineraries.

Online Booking Opportunity

Online booking has unlimited potential. Think about it, in the history of the modern world when has there been a time where private hosts can offer their properties as temporary housing opportunities. Homezu makes it very easy to book online lodging, without the hassles of a hotel or motel. And most hotels and motels charge extras for amenities such as Wi-Fi and laundry. You can actually search the properties in advance to find the amenities which match your needs if you’re booking a space online.

New Features
It is a long established
Multiethnic People with Startup Business Talking in a Cafe
  • Stripe Payment

    This allows the owners to accept stripe payment and is one of the easiest ways to accept the card payments.

  • Payment Module

    The guests can pay using their credit card with the help of the authorized .net payment module.

  • Help Center

    The users can refer to the tutorials and tips and also answer the FAQs.

  • Info Setting

    All the setting info from logo setting to the admin related settings can be set according to the user convenience.

  • Feedback Module

    The guests can write reviews about the host and listing property in this module that will help the future users.

Percentages Are Up For Airbnb

The overall percentages for online booking are ever increasing, the figures released showed worldwide growth of temporary lodging spaces. Each time someone makes an airline reservation, the chances are very high that they will also require some type of lodging. When you combine this general knowledge with vacationers, you have the perfect scenario for a profit model. Just as Airbnb isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, you can operate a successful clone script website, for as long as you desire.

Considering that in its short five-year history, Airbnb has reported over $3,00,000 million in sales. And this was according to a published report in 2012. So, the industry is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. And in 2014, multiple sources reveal Airbnb as the marketplace of the future. That’s great news because the percentages are up for Airbnb and by creating a vacation rental clone script, you as an online business owner can profit from this growth.

Homezu Is A Trusted Brand

The reason that Airbnb is so popular is because it has built a reputation as a company that people can trust. When a brand builds trust, it grows exponentially as the news spread through various other outlets besides advertising and digital marketing. It leaves room for continual growth when a company provides a needed service, such as Airbnb does. With your own clone website script you can cash in on the popularity of the brand.

Homezu takes the hassles out of launching an online website for booking accommodations. Every traveler in the world needs somewhere to stay once they arrive at their destination. There is not only transparency in booking a private residences, there is also ease of use. Online booking is a streamline process, hosts can offer multiple properties for rent. And those looking for temporary space can plan and budget to find the property that perfectly fits their travel itinerary.

Highlighting Features

Dashboard Response

The users analyze the annual response rate and track the number of trips on the dashboard. They can also analyze the star ratings given by the guests.

Verification System

The users can get a valid Id badge that will help in building a good reputation among the host and guest.

Coupon Code

The users can assign a discount code to a category, product and total order using the coupon code module.

Special Offer

The user can offer special offers for multiple guests using this feature and encourage more customers.

Bulk Messaging

Using the bulk email option, the user can send bulk emails to all the users on the website.

Location Management

Using the Google maps integration the user can customize their websites without any haste.

IP Connection

The user can create their own marketplace blog and connect all the people to their brand.

Calendar Module

The advanced version of the script comes with the calendar module that can mark the check-in and check-out time.

Personalized Search

It is easy to obtain filtered results with the country, state and city filter feature.

Social Sharing

The host and guest can communicate using the advanced message communication system.The host and guest can communicate using the advanced message communication system.

Host Service

After the completion of each booking, the owner will receive a percentage of commission.

Excel Collection

The admin or the webmaster can export all the properties listed on the website in excel form using the advanced dashboard.

Multi-guest Approval

The host can approve multiple guests in a single click using this feature and save more time.

Currency Convertor

The script is loaded with an integrated currency convertor that efficiently converts native currency to the respective foreign currency.

Alert Option

The guests will receive an alert message through an email and SMS about their bookings.

Plug-in Friendly

The user can add different kinds of modules to enhance the consistency of the website.

Advertisement Management

The user can use this module to display and rotate banner ads online to increase revenue.

SEO Friendly

This feature will make the website search engine friendly and user friendly and helps to increase the ranking position.

Online Booking Is A Profitable Business
Multiethnic People with Startup Business Talking in a Cafe

There isn’t a reason to worry when you launch a clone script website. You not only profit from the popularity of Airbnb, you also get the satisfaction of having your own online business. With other business models, you have to sit and think about which products and services might be interesting. Not only does Homezu takes the hassles out of booking online, it's a service which also removes the uncertainty of starting a web based business.

Each time someone books a hosts’ property, you earn a commission. Given the fact that you can list unlimited properties, no matter which Jato turnkey package that you select, you could very well be on your way to quitting your day job.

The biggest reason that online booking is a profitable business is because people have grown exceedingly weary of just renting one room in a hotel. Airbnb has become so popular because people have fallen in love with the concept of being able to have an entire vacation home at their disposal. Of course, there are rules to abide by when renting properties from a host. But there's also added freedom to having an entire house for the duration of a vacation or holiday trip.