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TruDrive - Uber Clone Script

What is TruDrive?

TruDrive is a turn key script to launch an instant app like Uber.

What is Uber Clone?

Uber Clone is a clone of the Uber app. The company provides both an app for Android and Apple devices. Uber clones have become one of the biggest industries in the world. Uber clones are a great way to build up a beginner taxi service. Uber clones are becoming a billion dollar industry very quickly! Investing in a uber clone is a very smart idea because you will never go without business or making money since it is in high demand.

Why TruDrive?

There are several reasons to go with TruDrive. TruDrive provides lots of excellent features that you can't get anywhere else in the world. The very first step when beginning to use TruDrive is that it is beneficial to create a profile. To estimate a fare before you ask for a ride on the app, all you need to do is use their calculator which will give you an estimate. This is perfect since you may not know how much your ride is going to be and it prepares you for the price before you go. For a driver, they need go online to accept a ride from someone who is asking for one. The driver can always go back offline when they are working or finished working. It is simple for them to reject or accept a ride. All the driver has to do is go to the app and either accept or reject the user request.

TruDrive also has an instant alert on their app. The instant alert is used to update you about important information. If you want a ride and the driver accepts the request, an instant alert will be sent to your phone once the driver arrives to pick you up at your location. If a driver accepts a ride, the approximate arrival time is sent to the user who requested a ride. Another great thing about this app is that you can search for a taxi using a GPS! If you request a ride, it will be sent to drivers closest to you so that you don't have to wait long at all. If an user wants to go the same route that they have used before, all they have to do is add the place to their favorites. If you need to cancel a ride, you can always do that with this app. If you cancel a ride, the driver will be notified immediately which saves time and money. This app also has customer loyalty programs which is a great way to promote.

If drivers want to check their ride statistics, they can always do so by going on the app . They can check ride statistics and payment statistics with one touch of a button. The information will be represented on a graph.

One of the best parts about this app is that you can book a ride for someone else at another location using your app. This is great for people who don't have cell phones. It will simply send out a request to a driver near the person.

Before drivers accept a request, they can always check the users details and location before choosing to accept or reject. If users and drivers would like to see the transaction history of their rides, you can also see that on the app easily. If you are a user and would like to pay your fare by credit card, that is acceptable as well by using your app.

If you are a user and you accept a ride, it should only take a few seconds once a driver accepts your ride. The Uber clone script also allows options for users to pre-book and book recurrent rides. It of course, allows the users to book a ride right away. You can add as many bookings as you would like to meet your needs. By using the Uber clone app, it allows unlimited database usage.

Drivers also can receive feedback, ratings and social media shares from passengers. If passengers use these features, it is a great way to make a driver well known around town and to get more business.

By using a Uber clone script, it allows this app to be used in any language that you need. The app also handles a variety of currencies which is great if you are from out of the country. The app is also fully supportive of payment options. You can pay your fare using a debit or credit card or cash. It is all up to you.

The apps will be available for free no matter which device you are using. The apps are free for drivers and users, of course. All companies are allowed to brand their app how they want in the app stores. The apps are fully customized for business owners.

The passengers can schedule, reschedule or cancel their ride requests just by one touch of a button. The company doesn't suffer a loss if a passenger does this. If you happen to have fake customers, you can always block them by using the administrative panel.

Important features
Suitable One for Mobile Apps
Uber clone is mainly designed for iOS and android apps. It enables a taxi business owner to manage both customers and drivers with a powerful admin dashboard.
Integrates a Website
The script integrates a website in online booking process by addressing the essential needs of users.
GPS Navigation
Built with GPS navigation, it helps to track the movements of vehicles from anywhere with ease.
Supports Multiple Languages
It supports multiple languages that exactly fulfill the requirements of customers while booking a service.
Unique Signup
Both users and drivers can enter into a cab booking application with unique signup facility option.
Profile Settings
It is possible to add, edit or delete a profile anytime in an app for updating the details as soon as possible.
Company Admin Panel
The web based panel in the script can be used for tracking, monitoring and extracting the reports easily.
Wallet Money
Customers can utilize the wallet money option for making a cashless payment in a convenient manner.
Car Types
Classifying the car types becomes a simple one in taxi booking app thereby facilitating the taxi services smoothly.
Custom Payment Gateways
Uber clone script gives ways for integrating any payment gateway to an app quickly at low charges.
Rich User Interaction
The users and drivers apps are well developed with advanced technologies that make an app to look more attractive.
Automatic Billing
Billing system is completely an automated one which helps to know the fares based on the time and the kilometers travelled.
SMS & email Notifications
SMS and email notifications are available for both riders and drivers to receive complete details at the earliest.
Fully Featured Analytics
Inbuilt analytics feature in the script can be utilized for calculating the ROI that ultimately increase the conversion rates of visitors.
Advanced Search Options
Advanced search options will enable the users to filter the information depending on their needs for getting accurate results.
Passenger App
Mobile app for passengers allows them to book, travel and make payments anywhere and at anytime.

How does TruDrive billing work?

TruDrive billing works by giving a bill to a passenger using the app. They simply select the payment option in which they want to use, then they pay and then they are asked to rate the driver and the ride. After the passenger pays for their ride, the invoice is sent to the company to let them know that they have received payment. Afterwards, an invoice is also sent to the passenger by email. Everyone can keep the invoice in their app as long as they want with no charges since the app data has unlimited storage.

If I am driver, can I offer rides in other cities?

Yes. You can go to your app and select as many cities as you would like to be a driver in.

How does social media work with the app?

Drivers and passengers can share their experiences on Facebook with friends and family. Everyone is encouraged to sign into Facebook using the app to share their experience. It has several key details about the ride which are seen by many people. By using social media, it increases the companies reputation. By rating the rides and drivers, it also allows the company to keep track of their ratings so that they can see what they may need to improve on.

Pricing Table

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Basic Monthly plan


  • 100GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • $100 Google AdWords
  • 100 Domain Hosting
  • SSL Shopping Cart
  • 24/7 Live Support
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Standared Monthly plan


  • 100GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • $100 Google AdWords
  • 100 Domain Hosting
  • SSL Shopping Cart
  • 24/7 Live Support
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Premium Monthly plan


  • 100GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • $100 Google AdWords
  • 100 Domain Hosting
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General Questions

Yes, it is absolutely free of cost. The only details we need from you are your hosting details. You can check the server requirements, which is available on our website.

Yes, we do help our customers in approving the app. All we need are the details of your iOS App store or Google Play Store authentication details. Our team at our end will help you in submitting your app and get it approved through the base camp or Skype.

No. Unfortunately, we do not support testing of your app on a local host/stimulator before installing it on the server. End user’s have to test it by themselves and support is not provided on the local host/stimulator.

It depends on the hosting organizations. On a regular basis, it is around 12 to 24 hours and the installation is absolutely free of cost.

Other Questions

When a user changes or modifies the code, it will be a difficult task for us to work on it. It is recommended that the users do not make any kind of changes to the script. If there are any changes made in the script, then we would terminate our free support.

It is requested that the users to a test of the demo version of the product before they are purchased. If there any kind of inquiries, you can reach us on Skype or Live chat with our customer care executive. Refunds are not processed at any cost, once the download details of are sent to you. If you face any problems with the app, the tech team will help you through chat, Skype, base camp, email.

Yes, our technical team does support its customers even after their purchase. For trouble shooting technical errors and customizing your app.

The script provided to you will be a perfect working condition without any issues. If you wish to customize the script and make changes, you will be charged on hourly, basis. You can contact us at for complete details of customization charges.

What happens if a passenger is late while I am waiting?

When you arrive at the destination, you are allowed to start a stopwatch on the app which will then begin charging the passenger for your time waiting on them. This price will be added to the entire fare total.

What happens if I need to talk with a driver or passenger before we begin?

If you need to talk with your driver or passenger before you go to pick them up, all you have to do is simply call them or chat with them over the app. Calling or chatting with a driver or passenger over the app is completely free. There is no charge.

New Features
Multiethnic People with Startup Business Talking in a Cafe
  • Cancellation Option

    Riders can utilize the cancellation option in an app immediately when they are not satisfied with the services or prices.

  • Alarm Button

    Alarm button in the app is extremely useful for the riders to seek immediate help when they are in danger situations.

  • Caller ID

    Caller ID feature enables taxi owners to collect the details of passengers easily for making the dispatch works a simple one.

  • Cost Effective

    Uber clone script is a cost effective one for taxi business to plan the operations properly to earn more revenues.

  • Promotion Codes

    This feature enables the customers to share a promo code to their friends to avail better discounts while building an app.

  • Schedule Bookings

    Riders can book their services at a later time and date with schedule booking options and the drivers will also be notified with their availability after receiving the details.

Selecting Service Type

Passengers that request a ride also have the option to choose which type of vehicle that they would like to ride in. You do not have to choose a service type if you do not want to. If you do choose a service type, the request will be sent to drivers who meet the requirements to accept the ride.

Highlighting Features

Driver App

Mobile app for drivers will provide options for requesting, picking and accepting a trip to get paid immediately.

Dispatcher Panel

The web based panel along with Google Maps will allow taxi owners to take phone bookings, manage drivers and assign a trip accordingly.

SEO Friendly One

Uber clone script is a perfect one for setting up a SEO friendly website to gain high visibility in the search engines.

Email Templates

It comes with different types of email templates allowing a person to send any kind of mails to app users.

Flexible Login Options

Regular and social media login options are available for taxi business owners to grow their business in the markets.

Stripe Payment Gateways

Strip payment gateway feature enables taxi owners to make their credit card payments easily when creating an app for their business.

Pay by Cash Option

Riders can choose the pay by cash option to make the payments directly to a driver after booking a taxi service.

Complete Fare History

Fare history feature in the script is a suitable one for the taxi owners to know the complete details of rides and the payments made by the riders easily.

Capture Signature

Signature capture function in the driver app makes it possible to generate an invoice with the driver’s signature.

Ensuring a Better Browsing Experience

Uber clone script will allow the users to ensure a better browsing experience in an app with responsive web applications.

Tracking Codes

The process of tracking a taxi becomes a simple one for both admin and riders with the support of tracking codes.

Easy Customization

Backend panel and apps built with the scrip is completely customizable one which helps to change the looks of a website anytime with unique styles.

Instant & Convenient Booking

Riders can book a taxi in the apps instantly and conveniently at cheaper rates for saving maximum money.

Separate Dashboard for Drivers

Separate dashboards are available for the drivers in an app to know the recent activities of trips.

Review and Rating

Riders can post their reviews and rate the services offered by a taxi driver after completing a trip.

Advanced Back End System

Advanced back end system feature helps to run a website in an app normally when making changes.

Auto Dispatch

The script is a perfect one for auto dispatch of taxis making an owner to manage business without any difficulties.

Effective Communication

It makes the communication between a driver and rider faster in a trip by addressing all essential needs.

Uber Clone Conclusion

As you have read, there are several great features that are available with TruDrive. The Uber clone scripts are very cost effective. They also have lots of plugins available for those who really want to customize their business. The plugins are not free, but they are very cost effective as well. They offer a variety of plugins to choose from. All of the plugins are priced differently depending on what you would like. To get started with a Uber clone script, you do need to have a Linux operating system and various other requirements which are listed on the website. You can also go to the website and get demos. They offer Apple and Android demos. They also offer a web demo and you can choose if you want to demo as a passenger, administrator or a driver. This helps you see the app from all different views. The entire Android and Apple apps, server and administrative dashboards are fully customizable to make your business stand out from the rest. There are different packages available to start up your business with a variety of prices and features listed for all types. Overall, TruDrive is a great place to start off with and this app offers tons of features that are the best out of all of the others available.