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Rules make ride-hailing companies to leave town

10 November 2016 6:41

One of the most happening cities Austin in Texas took to the ride-hailing companies and made them to leave the city. Allegations were made by the people in the city, that the companies didn’t follow the proper norms which were set by them. The companies couldn’t keep up with it and happen to leave the town.The people in that origin decided to seek the service in a different manner. They created a group on a social networking site and started requesting for rides, from the people who were offering them the rides. In the proceedings by the people on the forum, the service outsourcing did stand out well.

After the companies Uber and Lyft left the town, many other services started cropping up and reaching out for people to take up their service. The people however wanted to acknowledge it, only if the drivers followed the rules and regulations set by them. Check TruDrive script by JEato

Amongst all this, there is another aspect which is happening in the city, it has applied for a grant from the US government for the transportation department to build a transportation network so as it can breed the place into a better structure. The government has approached both the companies to come forth and continue their service in the city. But, the companies have refrained from doing so and have taken the back seat for the time being. Meanwhile, life in the city seems to be normal and perfect.