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Interesting Ideas for TaskRabbit Clone

11 November 2017 9:47
Taskrabbit clone scriptquickrabbitIn the TaskRabbit mobile application, the user can access the instant help for cleaning, moving, delivery and the Handyman work etc through online. This one is an online and the mobile marketplace which matches the freelance labor. This mobile application of TaskRabbit is clone scripted in the name of Quickrabit which has a responsive design.

Once the client is committed, this is possible to have a conversation through the clone script. Not only via the mobile application, can the user access the service with the help of social media too. It has a Geolocation based service listing and also the Google map integration to track the exact location of the user. This clone script of Quickrabit is having the Bootstrap design

The user can make the payment by native currency and the multi-language option is also available in it. This mobile app has a highly developed feature and unlimited posts can be achieved through online. Initially, the users have to select the wanted service and the task can be described initially. After that, the user can choose the available tasker and start the task when the person arrives.

After the process has done, make a payment through online and the user can update the reviews by the respective options. This clone script can be accessed on the platform of Android, internet operating system and some of the web access devices. In this mobile application, this is possible to have an advanced search option to find the best service.

Taskrabbit Script

ScidenThe clone script of Sciden is supporting the user for the business development by taking a perfect role within the user demanding tasks. For starting a new business, the clone script of Sciden is providing an option of multiple gateway payments. Right professionals can update their relevant demand by which they can access the different tasks. Maintaining the user management is one of the best features to have and it will act as a robust feature.
This script has completely customizable features with a stable version of the mobile application. The payment is achieved by using the credit cards and this process has some limited restrictions which are achieved through online. The feature for the city and country management is supporting the admin to add, delete or edit the details of the country and city in order to maintain the comfort of the user.

This clone script will be user-friendly and it can provide the service as per the demand of the user who is accessing this clone script through online. It has a comprehensive platform for the customers who want to access the different handyman service via online. It is not an issue of handling the unlimited tasks at the same time and the comments for each and individual task is pre-defined in the application.

It could be the best way to find out the right professional who is working in a genuine manner. If the admin is approved the scheduled bookings of the user, they can get satisfied with the service which is provided.

Taskrabbit Clone App

MaxistoThis mobile application is facilitating so many local services as per the customer’s demand. It helps the user to build their business at a reasonable cost and the person who is seeking for a perfect service can access the benefit through this. There will be a number of leads generation is achieved for the customer to send a request or demand directly. The location-based service is listed on the mobile application like Maxisto which perform the different services.

The effective searching option is available in the clone script to select the best service among the listed flags. Frequently, this mobile application is providing the different new tasks with the help of taskers. The layout for the payment option is displayed and it connects the clients around the world. It is possible to access the good workers from the clone script of TaskRabbit at an affordable price.

It maintains the overall operations which are achieved with respect to the service feedback. In the clone script of Maxisto, there is an option to request for a service and there are so many different subscription types are available. The available dashboard is too efficient and it can manage and check the operations. Advertisement modules are promoted dramatically and it will generate the work listing for the users.

The service provider detail is very much important to consider and the cash withdrawal for the user will be achieved easily. Email templates are available and those are pre-defined to send instantly to the user when they are demanding for a particular task.